Tired of being a “girly man”? Whether you are strong enough to lift a small car, or you can barely tip your hat, Real Men of Joy has a place for you!

Unfortunately our society has painted a picture of Jesus Christ as a weak, emaciated, effeminate man, when in reality Jesus was a strong carpenter who was the ultimate man’s man!

Therefore, to be a man that loves Jesus neither makes you weak or wimpy….but wise! That is what you will find here at Joy Church. Real Men that love their wives, their children, and their Lord Jesus.

Each year, Joy Church holds an annual Real Men of Joy Men’s conference for all men ages 13 & up. This half-day conference includes manly workshops, contests, giveaways, food and more. Be on the lookout on our calendar page for more information to be available for our next Real Men of Joy Men’s conference!