You know that group of people that you see when you get on an airplane?  The bunch that is sitting in two to three rows and they are all laughing over the seats and talking to each other. Just when you were hoping for a quiet flight with no crying babies where you could just read your new book, you get seated near these guys.  And the next thing you know, you are laughing right along with them and they have you joined in on the fun.  Yes…that is very likely the Joy Church Staff right there on the plane with you. Not only do they love God and love people, they actually like each other and have a great time together serving the Lord! Come meet the members of our paid and volunteer staff through the video above, and the bios below.

Pastor Jim & Anne Frease
Senior Pastor

Have you ever wondered if it’s okay to laugh in church? Then you will really like Pastor Jim! Pastor Jim Frease is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Joy Church, as well as Founder and President of World Changers Bible Institute (WCBI) in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. Pastor Jim Frease is also the founder of Joy Ministerial Exchange (JME), a ministerial organization designed to impart to pastors from across the country. He is the primary instructor at WCBI and has been ministering since 1984. Pastor Jim emphasizes a relationship for Jesus Christ, not religion; the Word of God, and not tradition; and he emphasizes enjoying your life, not enduring it. Pastor Jim always puts an emphasis on not just what you need to do, but how you need to do it. He is a very encouraging teacher who always leaves a light at the end of the tunnel…and it’s not an oncoming train!

Anne Frease is a graduate of Oral Roberts University and an anointed singer who has traveled with the Oral Roberts University Music Ministry teams. Anne has been ministering since 1990. She has ministered in song in churches all over the country and is presently the praise and worship leader at Joy Church.

Under the mandate of God, Pastor Jim and his wife Anne founded Joy Church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. They pioneered the church in October of 2003 with just 18 people without knowing even one person in the area. Joy Church has since become one of the fastest growing churches in the region with over 1800 in actual attendance in two services each weekend. Hundreds are giving their lives to Jesus and even more lives and families are being transformed with joy!

Pastor Jim and Anne also founded World Changers Bible Institute (WCBI) in 1992, a Bible school for future leaders of all ages. WCBI is a bible school where dreams meet direction! Pastor Jim and Anne also have headed up “Joy To The World”, a short-term summer missions program in other countries. This ministry has emphasized evangelistic and discipleship opportunities for WCBI students as they have the opportunity to put classroom concepts into practical application (James 1:25). Countless lives have been affected for eternity via this powerful missions outreach (Matt. 24:14)!

Most importantly, Pastor Jim and Anne are deeply in love with the Lord Jesus Christ and are completely committed to His Word. As they minister they desire to do so with lots of humor and joy (Neh. 8:10), the utmost of integrity (Ps. 26:11), propelling the listener to a greater intimacy with Jesus and motivating them to acceleration in Christian service.

The Freases have been married since 1990 and deeply love their son Johnathan. Pastor Jim loves spending time with his family and truly enjoys Ohio State football, fishing, Ohio State Football, fishing, and Ohio State Football. Anne loves to shop…so, as Pastor Jim says, sometimes they compromise and shop at Bass Pro.

Pastor Dave & Paula Goldnergoldnersweb2007
Executive Pastor

What do you get when two rivals meet? Why love of course! Just like Romeo and Juliet, this engineer from NC State University met the love of his life, but she was a UNC tarheel! Everyone in North Carolina knows you don’t mix no wolfpack with no tarheels, that just ain’t right. Well, 24 years later, these two lovebirds are still together (and alive, unlike Romeo and Juliet) and serving God up here in Mount Juliet, TN (which has absolutely no relationship to the previously mentioned Shakespeare play at all…and has no mountain either). Pastor Dave and Paula have truly enjoyed working together with the Freases in ministry since 1990. Pastor Dave Goldner is the Executive Pastor of Joy Church and an educator at World Changers Bible Institute. Pastor Dave is an engineering graduate and had the honor of joining this ministry full time in 1995 after a short but successful career with two Fortune 500 companies. They have 2 great kids, Stephen and Lauren, and a dog named Buddy.

Pastor Rob & Abby Simms
Youth/College and Career Pastor

What does it take to be the Youth Pastor at Joy Church? A strong authentic relationship with God, a great sense of humor, an iPhone, the ninja-like ability to play any modern video game masterfully in less than 15 minutes, and a platinum level Starbucks My Rewards card. Pastor Rob (from Columbus Ohio – the home of the NCAA champion Ohio State Buckeyes) likes his coffee black. His wonderful wife Abby? You can order her a tall 5-pump breve decaf hazelnut latte. Pastor Rob and Abby are parents to their wonderful children, Ava and Wesley, and are the youth/college & career pastors of Real Joy Youth Ministry and JoyRide of Joy Church. They are both graduates of World Changers Bible Institute and have been actively involved with this ministry since 1996.

Pastor Ryan and Stephanie Benson
Children’s Pastor

Pastor Ryan hails from the metropolis of Rochester, NY while his wife, Stephanie was born and raised in Westerville, Ohio. In 2000 they said “I do” (to each other) and the rest is history! That’s right, they’re legendary! They have a sweet daughter named Zoe and a feisty dog named Sozo (aka “the wonder dog”). If you ever need to put a fire out, Pastor Ryan is your man as he has years of experience as a volunteer fire-fighter. Pastor Ryan and Stephanie have previously been in full-time ministry roles since 2001 and moved all the way from New York just to be a part of Joy Church! Pastor Ryan and Stephanie are excited about changed lives and enjoying ministering to children!

Pastor Eddie & Lisa Wilson
Community Outreach Pastor

Pastor Eddie is also originally from Ohio, so he is another huge Ohio State football fan and can be found in the fall season spelling Ohio out loud with only two letters “O! H!” just to get others to respond with the “I! O!”.  (Yes – it’s an Ohio State thing.)  When he is not rooting for Ohio State, you can find Pastor Eddie heading up the Joy to the World Missions team.   Joy To The World Mission teams have lead over 9,000 people in first-time decisions for Jesus!    Eddie & Lisa have two awesome daughters, Holly and Hannah, as well as a popular  internet-famous pet rat dog (chihuahua) named Fonzi.  Yes, Fonzi has his own Facebook page, but you have to ask to be his friend, he does not send out friend invites.


Chad & Amber Davisdavisweb2013
Multi-Media Director

While in his lab class in college one day, Chad was bitten by a radioactive spider and then became an overnight superhero ridding the world of crime with his new spider-like strength and web slinging.  He then got a job as a videographer for a local tv news station (for real).  He then married his lifelong sweetheart, Amber (also a superhero all on her own – think Supergirl in corporate america) and they had two wonderful children (Abby Lu and Zeke).   They now use their superhero powers playing hide-and-go-seek as well as making some of the fun videos you see here in the Acts of Joy Department here at Joy Church! Chad and Amber are some of the most friendly people you will meet and they have 2 wonderful children, Abby Lu and Zeke.

Keith & Twylla Foust

These two met while working at a Red Lobster in NC while going to World Changers Bible Institute.  Yes…the special ingredient in those Red Lobster cheese biscuits is love!  This hostess-waiter combo team went on to serve up more than fried fish and buttery golden goodness as they graduated Bible school and became part of the joy team.  Keith, a graduate from North Carolina State University (and a geek at heart) oversees a number of the technical departments of the church including the audio, visual, computers and web. They are both graduates of World Changers Bible Institute and have been actively involved with this ministry since 1995. Keith and Twylla have 3 beautiful little daughters, Victoria, Alexandra and Kaitlyn.

Cassie Laidlaw

Cassie is a valuable member of our volunteer staff here at Joy Church.  When she’s not helping out with the RealJoy youth ministry or passionately delivering a dynamic song on our praise team… she is teaching her nieces how to speak in foreign accents and training them in her ninja ways…..Cassie has three black belts (one she bought to go with a pair of fabulous shoes! And the other two were gifts.) Always a little bit of a cut-up, Cassie enjoys singing EXTREMELY loud, writing jingles, and pretending to be a muppet… Her muppet dance is stellar.

Erik and Mandy Garcia

Where can a former wild child from Los Angeles and a good girl from northeast Pennsylvania meet and fall in love? Middle Tennessee, of course. Erik (more commonly known as “GARCIA”) was a circus performer before coming to Joy Church – well that’s not exactly true, but he sure is a clown on the Acts of Joy videos and all but swings from the rafters on the Sounds of Joy praise and worship team. Mandy seems like the normal one but trust us, she has a wit and sense of humor that rivals the Three Stooges. She has a passion to share laughter and God’s love with your little ones as she oversees the JoyKidz nursery/preschool area. Garcia and Mandy have two silly kiddos of their own, Alma and Cole.

Brandon and Stephanie Matias

Both Brandon and Stephanie originally hail from the Buckeye state. Despite planting their roots in Nashville, TN in 2011, the two still root for the Bucks (even in SEC country)! The Matias’ knew they were at home at Joy Church during their very first visit. It was at this service that Pastor Jim did his Jaws impression – after that, they were “hooked”. At Joy Church, Brandon lends his talents to the Sounds of Joy team, Acts of Joy team, and the audio/visual department. Stephanie spends most every weekend loving on the nursery & preschool children in the Joy Kidz area. When they’re not serving at church, these two love to eat ice cream, laugh at each other’s quirks, and play board games with friends.

Travis and Amy Patterson

Travis and Amy Patterson oversee our very own Cup of Joy Cafe and want to share their top secret hot chocolate recipe: “First you take two high school kids who met in youth ministry at their local church, then you add, college (UK – Go Cats!), 2 years of World Changers Bible Institute, and full-time ministry experience. Next, preheat your oven to four kids, medical school (Go Cats!), residency (Go ‘Dores!), and homeschooling four children. Now stir in fifteen great years of marriage along with a couple hundred gallons of coffee each, and voila, you have the Pattersons. But you wanted hot chocolate. Don’t be disappointed. Come by Cup of Joy and we will get you a cup. As you can see, the recipe is complicated and takes a couple decades to master.”