The ministries at Joy Church International are designed to help you and your family develop a closer relationship with God, as well as fellowship with others. These exciting ministries span every age group and will provide special events and regularly scheduled ministry activities for you to take advantage of as you continue to grow in your daily relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Joy Church has designed ministry areas for all ages. Whether you are a young married couple, a college & career single, a middle aged professional, or a “seasoned saint”, God has a very valuable purpose and destiny for your life.

Review the areas of ministry below to see where you fit at Joy Church International. Then step out and join us for exciting times of faith and fellowship as you continue your dynamic daily destiny with the Lord Jesus.

JoyRide SinglesJoyRide Singleslearn more

Joyride is the joy group for college & career singles between the ages of 18 and 39. Join with other wonderful college & career singles for exciting and fun-filled activities every other month, and enjoy the journey together with God! 

YMCJYMCJlearn more

If you are married and 45 or under, join Young Married Couples of Joy (YMCJ) for fun, faith and fellowship during scheduled activities with other married couples from Joy Church. What a great way for you and your spouse to grow with God together!

NJOY SinglesNJOY Singleslearn more

NJOY group events are designed for singles between the ages of 35-59. At these fun events, you can meet other single adults that love God, and endeavor to “NJOY” life.

J.U.M.P. for JoyJ.U.M.P. for Joylearn more

If you are a married couple between the ages of 40-59 years of age, J.U.M.P for Joy is the group for you.  Take the opportunity to join other “Joyfully Unique Middle-Aged People” and develop dynamic relationships during these events.

Just Older YouthJust Older Youthlearn more

Are you a “youth” that is 60 or older?  There is a place for you at Joy Church International!  Just Older Youth is designed for those “Seasoned Saints” that are 60 and older, whether married or single. Join the Just Older Youth for scheduled activities where you can continue to enjoy the journey!

Women of JoyWomen of Joylearn more

Through quarterly “Women of Joy” events, you can establish authentic and genuine relationships with other women. These events provide women a fun atmosphere of true fellowship and encouragement around good food. Join us and be encouraged in your relationship with the Lord Jesus!

Real Men of JoyReal Men of Joylearn more

Tired of being a “girly man”?  Whether you are strong enough to lift a small car, or you can barely tip your hat, Real Men of Joy has a place for you!