J.U.M.P. for Joy!

At Joy Church, we are multi-generational! Yes, the youth group is excited about God, but so are middle-aged couples!

We are a church that understands that being middle-aged does not have to include a mid-life crisis! These years can be just as exciting and alive as any time in your life! We believe that our lives can continue to go to new heights because of an exciting daily relationship with the Lord Jesus! This gives us reason to JUMP for Joy!

If you are married and between the ages of 40 and 59 you can join us in J.U.M.P. (Joyfully Unique Middle-Aged People) for Joy! Quarterly exciting social activities and outreach events give you the opportunity to develop dynamic relationships in a fun, vibrant atmosphere!

Be on the lookout for upcoming JUMP events in the weekly bulletins as well as on our online events calendar here. Come and be a part of this exciting group at Joy Church!