At Joy Church, marriage is celebrated! What if your marriage could do more than just survive? What if you could enjoy your marriage every day?

You can! Marriage is God’s design, and is a great environment for two individuals to truly develop Godly character and walk in love and joy! Today’s young husbands and wives have the opportunity to take their marriages from initial excitement to long-term commitment. We truly believe you can choose to be “stuck and loving it”!

Young Married Couples of Joy (YMCJ) is a fellowship group within Joy Church, designed for married couples who are 45 or under. YMCJ events include engaging activities that stimulate godly fellowship with other young couples at Joy Church.  YMCJ events are a great opportunity to leave your children with a baby sitter or your parents and reconnect with one another while having fun with your friends.  These events will be announced in the weekly bulletins and can also be found listed on our online events calendar here.

Come be a part of YMCJ and discover the joy God has for your marriage.